Evolution of Kerala Real Estate from 2018 to 2023

Kerala Real Estate

Kerala Real Estate has witnessed a revolution in the last 5 years. The real estate landscape of Thiruvananthapuram is buzzing with opportunities across residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala’s capital, has witnessed a real estate revolution in the last five years. It’s a story of urban growth, NRI investments, dedicated development, and new regulations shaping the city’s transformation.

This city in Kerala has evolved into a lucrative investment hub, thanks to dynamic trends and key highlights that paint a vibrant picture of the state’s real estate potential.

Factors Driving Renaissance of Kerala Real Estate.

Kerala’s real estate evolution is on the rise! Factors like urbanization in Thiruvananthapuram, NRI investment, Vizhinjam port development, and southern city modernization are driving, growth and property prices over the past five years. Here’s a list of it in a nutshell:

Urbanization drive in ThiruvananthapuramThe capital city is turning into an urban hub with strong growth on the horizon in 2023. NRIs and HNIs are eagerly investing in residential properties drawn by the state’s potential for secure and lucrative ventures.
Healthcare ExcellenceKerala boasts a robust healthcare sector, attracting medical tourists and healthcare professionals. Investment in medical facilities and associated real estate can be lucrative.
Impact of Vizhinjam port developmentThe development of the Vizhinjam port in Thiruvananthapuram is a real estate game-changer, boosting growth and elevating property values in the area.
Modernization of southern citiesTrivandrum and Kochi, the southern gems of Kerala, are at the forefront of modernization, with rapid urbanization fueling a revolution in all real estate asset classes.
Regulatory impact on residential supplyIn the major cities of Kerala, the way homes are built has gone from chaos to careful planning, owing to the united efforts of CREDAI members over the past decade.

 The combined influence of these factors has had a significant impact on Kerala’s real estate market. The state has witnessed a surge in demand for all types of real estate assets, property prices are soaring. The state is a hotspot for commercial and retail development, attracting leading Indian and international brands.

  • Kerala’s natural beauty, backwaters, and cultural heritage make it a world-class tourist destination. The Kerala government is on a mission to make the state a top-notch place for tourism, business, and investment. This has led to a focus on developing new infrastructure projects and improving the overall quality of life.
  • The state’s rich cultural heritage offers opportunities for heritage property preservation and tourism-related real estate investments. There’s potential for niche markets like eco-friendly housing and luxury properties, catering to specific investor interests.
  • Kerala’s real estate sector is also benefiting from the growing popularity of the state as a retirement destination. The state’s lovely weather, stunning landscapes, and good healthcare facilities make it the perfect retirement spot.
  • Kerala’s real estate market is well-regulated, with the Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority (KRERA) in place to protect the interests of homebuyers. K-RERA has played a key role in instilling confidence in the market and attracting investors.

Kerala’s real estate industry is expected to expand further in the future years, owing to solid economic fundamentals, urbanization trends, and important development projects.

Within this multifaceted canvas of opportunity, innovation, and sustainability, choosing the right real estate developer becomes paramount to maximize your investment. For domestic and foreign investors seeking a foothold in this dynamic and burgeoning real estate market, Kerala presents a compelling and rewarding investment option.

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