How to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Home is where the heart is. When we say a comfortable home, first of all, we need to define what is meant by comfort. It is a space where you feel totally relaxed and ‘at home’. What best place for that than your own home! However, it is easier said than done. Many homes are poorly managed when it comes to keeping them free of clutter. We all tend to accumulate things and end up with stuff that robs the interiors of our living spaces off their positive energy.

One way to declutter and generate free space is to have storage areas – be they cabinets, cupboards or containers. Plenty of stuff including old memorabilia is better off stacked there since you do not have daily use of it. Disposing off stuff that is absolutely of no use anymore is not a bad idea. Free spaces coming under staircases can be creatively used for more storage.

You must be careful in choosing ergonomic furniture, especially for sitting long hours and working. Beanie bags and sinking sofas might look fancy and attractive but from a practical point of view, are better used sparsely. This is more important for people with chronic bad back.   Foldable chairs and desks are a clever way of regaining space when you are not carrying out a particular activity like study or eating a meal.

Your reading spaces should be well-wit. You must utilize natural light as much as possible. Creative use of ceiling or walls to make way for sunlight to get in during the day saves much on electricity bill. Even when the television is on, it is advisable to have a light in the area so that the eyes are less strained. Plants such as crotons kept potted in the living room are sure to bring about a positive feel. 

It is important that you carefully choose the colour of the walls of your home. The right colour can not only make the room more comfortable to be in but also give out positive energy to help align your thoughts in a right direction. A balcony caressed by a gentle breeze or a terrace where you can sit in total peace and quiet add wonders to the living experience.

Wise people realize the importance of the kitchen, a part of the home where many people spend a lot of their waking time. Cabinets and drawers should be easily accessible. The bins and crockery items should be kept organized for aesthetic and practical reasons. It should be spacious enough to accommodate a music system or speakers so that you can listen to music or podcast while you cook. Lighting is again important in the kitchen.

The bedroom should be the least cluttered. It should have all the elements needed to ensure you get a sound night’s sleep as this is important for your mental and physical well-being. You do not want any loud or distracting lighting, objects that are not pleasing to the eye, etc adorning your room of rest. These are only some of the innovative ways of making your home comfortable overall.